Families at risk from lead poisoning at rental properties
Families at risk from lead poisoning at rental properties

Calhoun County Lead Control Programs

The City of Battle Creek and its partners manage two lead programs to help Calhoun County families make their homes as lead safe as possible.

Calhoun County Lead Safe Program (LSP) — funded by Medicaid Children’s Insurance Program (CHIP)

Calhoun County’s Lead Hazard Control Grant — funded by U.S. Housing & Urban Development (HUD)

From the contractor’s perspective, both programs operate the same. Here’s some basic information on how the process works.

The Contractor Pool

Contractors interested in participating in the lead programs must join the contractor pool.

To join the Contractor Pool, you must be a State of Michigan Certified Lead Abatement Contractor AND meet the Lead Hazard Control Program insurance and licensing criteria.

The Bid Process

We use a competitive, sealed bidding process to ensure bids remain cost reasonable. For each lead remediation project, the City of Battle Creek or a community partner organization (CP) develops the scope of work specifications and notifies all contractors in the Contractor Pool.

For each project:

  • A project walk-through is scheduled within 7 days of bid notification. Unless otherwise directed, contractors must be present at the walk-through.
  • Sealed bids are due on or before date & time indicated in the bid request. Projects are awarded on the lowest responsive, responsible bid.

Inspections / Oversight

All remediation must be performed by a State of Michigan Certified Lead Abatement Contractor.

A Lead Inspector performs periodic site visits to ensure:

  • Lead-safe remediation practices are being followed
  • Lead abatement supervisor is on site
  • Proper lead containment
  • Review all lien waivers — including a waiver required prior to final draw

      The City oversees annual reviews of:

      • Contractor licensing and insurance
      • Program activities — 20% of the year’s project files, including three site visits to ensure program standards have been met